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  Kerry chooses his runningmate! Well, seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 only solidified my long running abhorrence of the Bush Jr. Administration. Seeing such brazen special interest cronyism running amok in Washington and the awarding of special treatment to his Washington insider buddies, which by the way includes the Bin Laden family, was incendiary. If the emotions conjured up during the movie doesn't get the vote out this November, I don't what will. It was also fairly satisfying to see Michael Moore being completely honest about his intentions in releasing this movie -- it was to sway the election in John Kerry's favor. Kerry's decision to choose John Edwards of North Carolina could be very instrumental to the outcome of the election. We have someone who appeals and empathetic with the middle class. He is also very young and charming, bringing comparisons to another southern democrat named Bill Clinton. Nevertheless, registering to vote is one of my top priorities this fall. Congrats to John Edwards and best of luck to John Kerry.  
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