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  Real Ultimate Power Facts: 1. Ninjas are mammals. 2. Ninjas fight ALL the time. 3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people Ninja Please!  
  My favorite Hulk blog post Why Hulk Likes The Food Court, By Hulk: 1. Hulk can get any kind of food Hulk wants! It is like travelling whole world when only making a few steps! 2. FREE SAMPLES. Sometimes puny humans at Chinese Panda place say "ONLY ONE!" but then Hulk says he could smash whole place up and they hand Hulk tray. Hulk not like threatening nice Chinese Panda people but they need to make free samples bigger! C. ORANGE JULIUS. OH, HULK LOVES ORANGE JULIUS. THEY HAVE HOT DOGS AND ORANGE DRINK. OH IT IS GOOD HAVE YOU HAD IT??!?!?!? 4. ARCADE is right next to it! Hulk can play games like SMASH A MOLE. They always have new machines every time Hulk comes by, though. Hulk wonder why. 
  Ever Make Nunchuks as a Kid? I made many a pair. Broomsticks, nylon cord, screw eyelets, and electrical tape became a deadly weapon after an hour in the basement with Dad's tools. I made a smaller pair that I would tuck into my waistband at the small of my back and cover it with my shirt. I would walk around my neighborhood begging for some ninja to come on out and try to fuck with me. I was never attacked by evil ninja though, they must have known I was packing.

"Only a ninja can destroy a ninja!"

  Holy Crap!  
  Worst Ownage EVER From a guy named ElJ0ker: When I was around 18 i had this girl that was about the same age as I. She was gorgeous. She was this 5'4" little latina girl with long black hair that at the end it was semi curly. A cup but a nice butt and a 5 waist. She also was open minded from people to sex to religion to politics. She was more exposed to life than I was at that age. We had great times together. It was like we clicked in every aspect. There were times that I would wake up and she was riding me or give me head, finish up, and go on her way and leave a plate of sugar cookies and juice like if I had just finished donating. So we started nearing the end of our relationship. She had to go to college in another state and I couldn't afford to go. So we knew that a long distance relationship would be torture to us both. 2 nights before she went to college we decided to stay together for the whole weekend. We rented a hotel for 2 nights. We were doing nothing but ordering pizza and being naked and doing it all the time leaving a mess every where. Housekeeping hated us. So the last night arrives and we're going wild. This was the best sex I've ever had. She's all into it and I'm all drained out from the long weekend haul that if I shot anything I thought it was gonna be cloud of white chalk. Well I blow a wad and at this time I was out of rubbers and I wanted her to bust hers too so like a moron I didn't pull out. Well I finished a couple of seconds before she did but, grinding for those few seconds more helped her orgasm pretty hard. She's laying there on top of me and she realises that I'm not moving and she feels it slipping out. She asked if I came in her and I said yes. She panicked cause she wasn't on the pill. Seeing that her older sister had a baby a few months ago and seeing how her sister pushed out all the after birth she tried to apply the same principle using her vag muscles to push the wad out. Being that we were being horn dogs and at the time I was still into everything with her I didn't tell her to move. So she's on top of me hovering over eagle style and begins to grunt and push. Well needles to say the wad came out but, she kept pushing trying to make sure she got everything out. I think she grunted a little to much cause all of a sudden a little turd pebble plops on my sternum. She was so embarassed she grabbed everything and left me on the bed tied with a little turd pebble right in the middle of my chest. That was the last time I ever hear from her. That was the time that I was owned. ------------- BWAHAAHA, LMAO @ Turd Pebble! 
  The Incredible Hulk Blog I crapped my pants to some of this stuff! Courtesy of George Scriban: via  
  My trip a month back to Bed Stuy I once took a train to Bed-Stuy to go to my boss's house. He bought a brownstone mansion practically in the heart of Bed-Stuy -- just a beautiful house. It was sold at a discount because of the area and apparently its an up and coming area, especially since real estate price inflation has extended to just about everywhere in Manhattan. On the way there I saw these two lanky kids dressed like they were on their way to a rap video and I swear they had ADD. They simply couldn't sit still. Even the older folks on the train where getting annoyed and embarassed for them. Suddenly one of them sits down and, conjuring up all glandular glory in his mouth, just upped and drop a huge loogie on the train platform. Not even a hesitation. The loogie had some wierd fucking discoloration too. Like brownish yellow. Not sure what the hell it could of been but it was large enough a loogie to leave a small puddle on the train. When the car stopped, momentum widened the size of the puddle. The same when the car accelerated from a complete stop. I got off the train and went to my boss's house with no problems, but I was thinking about that incident all the way back. That's my Bed-Stuy experience. Not a bad place to live, but some of the kids there obviously haven't come from the best upbringing. Not sure what to make of it, other than to say it happened and made an impression. 
  The outsourcing wave The topic of our next RB report is on outsourcing. But it is astonishing the level of casual thinking involved in this phenomen. Its not just jobs and livelihoods at stake, its an entire workforce paradigm shift. Manufacturing and now services. It likely won't end in IT or BPO, but will extend to legal services and medical services. I really don't see how the market can create the number of innovative and management opportunities to absorb the IT worker supply. A real quandary and likely one that won't be solved soon.  
  Kerry chooses his runningmate! Well, seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 only solidified my long running abhorrence of the Bush Jr. Administration. Seeing such brazen special interest cronyism running amok in Washington and the awarding of special treatment to his Washington insider buddies, which by the way includes the Bin Laden family, was incendiary. If the emotions conjured up during the movie doesn't get the vote out this November, I don't what will. It was also fairly satisfying to see Michael Moore being completely honest about his intentions in releasing this movie -- it was to sway the election in John Kerry's favor. Kerry's decision to choose John Edwards of North Carolina could be very instrumental to the outcome of the election. We have someone who appeals and empathetic with the middle class. He is also very young and charming, bringing comparisons to another southern democrat named Bill Clinton. Nevertheless, registering to vote is one of my top priorities this fall. Congrats to John Edwards and best of luck to John Kerry.  
  Wow my own blog! So this is my first exciting. I hope I can make this place a carthartic outlet - a vessel for my daily musings and whinings. As if I don't whine least I won't bother my friends with my whining....on the other hand at some point they'll read it and think I'm an even bigger whiner! Ah, I just can't win. 
This and that, here and there on tech and other stuff.

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