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  Worst Ownage EVER From a guy named ElJ0ker: When I was around 18 i had this girl that was about the same age as I. She was gorgeous. She was this 5'4" little latina girl with long black hair that at the end it was semi curly. A cup but a nice butt and a 5 waist. She also was open minded from people to sex to religion to politics. She was more exposed to life than I was at that age. We had great times together. It was like we clicked in every aspect. There were times that I would wake up and she was riding me or give me head, finish up, and go on her way and leave a plate of sugar cookies and juice like if I had just finished donating. So we started nearing the end of our relationship. She had to go to college in another state and I couldn't afford to go. So we knew that a long distance relationship would be torture to us both. 2 nights before she went to college we decided to stay together for the whole weekend. We rented a hotel for 2 nights. We were doing nothing but ordering pizza and being naked and doing it all the time leaving a mess every where. Housekeeping hated us. So the last night arrives and we're going wild. This was the best sex I've ever had. She's all into it and I'm all drained out from the long weekend haul that if I shot anything I thought it was gonna be cloud of white chalk. Well I blow a wad and at this time I was out of rubbers and I wanted her to bust hers too so like a moron I didn't pull out. Well I finished a couple of seconds before she did but, grinding for those few seconds more helped her orgasm pretty hard. She's laying there on top of me and she realises that I'm not moving and she feels it slipping out. She asked if I came in her and I said yes. She panicked cause she wasn't on the pill. Seeing that her older sister had a baby a few months ago and seeing how her sister pushed out all the after birth she tried to apply the same principle using her vag muscles to push the wad out. Being that we were being horn dogs and at the time I was still into everything with her I didn't tell her to move. So she's on top of me hovering over eagle style and begins to grunt and push. Well needles to say the wad came out but, she kept pushing trying to make sure she got everything out. I think she grunted a little to much cause all of a sudden a little turd pebble plops on my sternum. She was so embarassed she grabbed everything and left me on the bed tied with a little turd pebble right in the middle of my chest. That was the last time I ever hear from her. That was the time that I was owned. ------------- BWAHAAHA, LMAO @ Turd Pebble! 
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