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  My trip a month back to Bed Stuy I once took a train to Bed-Stuy to go to my boss's house. He bought a brownstone mansion practically in the heart of Bed-Stuy -- just a beautiful house. It was sold at a discount because of the area and apparently its an up and coming area, especially since real estate price inflation has extended to just about everywhere in Manhattan. On the way there I saw these two lanky kids dressed like they were on their way to a rap video and I swear they had ADD. They simply couldn't sit still. Even the older folks on the train where getting annoyed and embarassed for them. Suddenly one of them sits down and, conjuring up all glandular glory in his mouth, just upped and drop a huge loogie on the train platform. Not even a hesitation. The loogie had some wierd fucking discoloration too. Like brownish yellow. Not sure what the hell it could of been but it was large enough a loogie to leave a small puddle on the train. When the car stopped, momentum widened the size of the puddle. The same when the car accelerated from a complete stop. I got off the train and went to my boss's house with no problems, but I was thinking about that incident all the way back. That's my Bed-Stuy experience. Not a bad place to live, but some of the kids there obviously haven't come from the best upbringing. Not sure what to make of it, other than to say it happened and made an impression. 
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