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  Ok, Wesleyan is a great school and all... Yes, I'm proud of my alma matter. It had a great, relaxed, yet intellectually charged atmosphere -- at least while I was in attendance. A little too many hippies on the downside, then again its better than too many frat boys and jocks. Nothing against frat boys Gabe, but I read somewhere in the New Yorker that those striped shirts....yeah the ones that line your closet? Yeah, they're ovah! Anyways, I digress (although slagging on Gabe for sport has it's moments). Wesleyan gained a reputation of being "Diversity University", which quite frankly it can't shake -- and I mean that pejoratively. It needs to shake it, it should want to shake it, we Wes alumns want it to shake it. You know why? Because instead of attracting future movers and shakers of the world, it attracted potsmoking, barefoot, treehugging hippies. Not a bad thing, but when Wes-Shop has been fully stocked with deodorant for the entire 4 years of my attendance there's something wrong, and it ain't just the B.O. Looking down the list of past "distinguished alumn" I see the likes of Miguel Arteta (director of Starmaps), Sebastian Junger (Writer of A Perfect Storm), Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind). Then there's the Rusty something or other that prosecuted Enron, Jon Seely Brown the tech guru, some old fart from the class of 1958 who heads up Primedia -- likely the most unscrupulous organization in existence. (If you've ever become friends with someone who's into that Amway or Primedia shit you'll know what I mean, they turn people into scum I tell you.) Yet, there's a pantheon of smarty power thinkers that they don't bother listing among their distinguished alumn. John Hagel is one, Jonathon Schwartz another. Tech guru's, thought leaders, cutting edge movers and shakers. We're talking President of Sun Microsystems folks. Even if Sun is in deep shit, that's another discussion entirely. Point is, they ignore the important people on their list and put on entertainers. Nothing against that, but should Wesleyan be proud of its heritage as a feeder into the entertainment industry or should Wesleyan be proud of its history of putting out thought and industry leaders? I say the latter.  
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