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  Um, its been awhile So, I've taken a long long very long hiatus from the world of blogging. But my interest has been rekindled by this new-fangled blog reading tool caller "Bloglines". Holy crap this is addictive, great research tool too. Hopefully this will make me post consistently since I'm such a slacker. Hey, if I'm going to being having symptoms of carpal tunnel, I might as well have something to show for it. On another note, JUDO IS STARTING UP AGAIN. The new year has begun and I'm ready to start getting all my old passions back in order again. That includes getting shape, drinking less, eating healthy again, maybe getting a bike so I can ride to my old gym that I'm way to far to get to now that I've moved to the other side of Astoria. Yeah I know, some of you would say if you were really passionate about getting shape, a 20 minute walk would mean nothing to me. Well, I say, keeping your workouts intense and productive is important. Walking to and from for 20 minutes would leave me F-ed UP! So my next mission, since Judo is beginning to get interesting me again is to buy me a damn bike. One that's crappy enough that I won't mind it getting stolen, but small enough that I can bring it up to my living room when I want to. So yeah, that's the plan.  
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