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  Kindness Well today is Easter. Although I'm not a Christian I thought today is as apt a day as ever to comment on something I saw the other day that is pretty heartwarming. Thursday nights is Judo night (along with Tuesday) so usually I'm ultra hyped and tired from either giving a good thrashing or being thrashed on the mat. It might've actually been because I managed to pull of some beautiful footsweeps and throws but I was pretty mellowed out and perhaps more observant than I normally am. Walking along 14th street, you see the most motley assortment of people, especially on Thursday night. Its a night where people are either kicking their weekend off or finishing off their crazy week--yes there is a distinction. Across from the Church near 6th ave on 14th, where struggling rockers share sidewalk with redeyed ragged panhandlers, there's a Popeye's chicken run by this middle aged Asian man with the determined look of a guy who worked with his hands all his life. You can see and sense a paternal aura written on the lines of his eyes and jowls. Closing up his shop and locking up, he's steps out onto the street with a bag full of leftover chicken, probably for his family. I can easily see the man with two bouncy rugrats fond of pokemon and videogames. A street dweller with dark ragged clothing discolored from grime, dirt, and urine transporting his belongings in a malformed squeaky wheeled grey shopping cart passes him. The dweller looks down to his shoes and mumbles something unintelligible but before his looks up there sits on the top of his trash heaped cart, dinner for the next 2 nights. The chicken, likely for his rugrats, offered a little relief for one homeless person in New York. 
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