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  Raining Box Cutters on Fifth Ave Well, working in midtown has its perks, one of them being convenience to just about anything I damn well please. I happen to work across the street from the MoMA for instance. Anyways, walking back from a strenuous workout at the NYSC Rock (255lb squat, 345lb deadlift boohyaH!), I notice some guys doing some work at the top of the MoMA. I just remember thinking, "Nothing better fall on me". Then I think better of the situation and notice they're eating lunch, no harm potentiay right? Wrong. I cross the street and I notice two old ladies. One inching along on a wheeled support crutch and another old lady assisting her; pretty feeble looking old lady too. I briskly walk past them, but not seconds later I hear a sharp metallic and plastic crash behind me. I turn around an notice a bright orange and metal object on the floor - A FRIGGING BOX CUTTER FELL 3 STORIES! Some of the idiots at the top of the scaffolding unconcsciously dropped it likely while making a deft grab for the last greasy french fry. Not a foot behind the ballen sharp object was the old lady going, "Oh my god, what was that?" The foreman comes bounding down the street to see what the matter was exclaiming, "Hey you Mario, what's going on up there?" Hopefully those two monkeys got a good berating because if that old lady was just a little bit healthier or fitter, she'd be in bad shape. Anyways lesson learned, if there's construction, watch out because the guys working on that stuff up there aren't rock scientists. They'd sooner chow down the last fry that keep the sky free of falling box cutters. 
Looks like you're not much of a rock(et) scientist yourself. You never accidentally dropped something before?
Not something as worthless as when your mother dropped you.
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