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  Book Signing with Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Johnson So I attended a book signing by Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Johnson who spearheaded the discussion together at the Strand Bookstore. I got there a little early so I was able to snag a front row seat with the two luminaries. First of all, I have to say Steve Johnson has an uncanny resemblance to "Chandler" from the TV show friends, playe by the actor Matthew Perry. He doesn't quite have the acerbic wit natural to Matthew Perry, but he's certainly a smart guy and could do a crack impression if ever asked. Secondly, Malcolm Gladwell has the most glorious fro on the face of this earth. He even combs it behind his ears, the most pliant shock of curls to grace this wonderful city. So I attended with a friend who couldn't make it to the front so I had a lovely arm rest most of the time. It was a very good talk. Steve Johnson, author of "everything bad for you is good for you" expounded on the premise of this book. His theory that collateral learning, not focused content orientated or explicit learning - a by product of the internet age- has resulted in smarter sharper people and students today. The reason is that with the evolution of video gaming, the internet, and email, has created a framework for systemic learning where pattern recognition and inference skills are practiced and honed in informal settings. I also got Blink, signed by Malcolm Gladwell, was pretty awesome. Once again, both authors freely admit they don't offer any solutions, just provoking new proceses to view the world, and in my case business processes or organizations. At the same time, they also freely admit their books aren't meant to be complete theories, rather they are like dangling particples - to completed by readers who question and ruminate. 
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