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  Stabbings, Pizza, and Opium So this is part II of my blogging series on my trip to Miami. If you're squeamish you might not wanna read it...but honestly it ain't too bad. Good times, good times. ------------------------------------------------ [21:45] elbagrl: so tell me about the stabbing [21:45] RBKennethHuynh: ah [21:45] RBKennethHuynh: its long [21:46] RBKennethHuynh: So its gabe me and this guy named Luis, we'd just come from a club called Opium where we free bottle service courtesy of one of their frat brother's who's a promoter...its actually interesting because security, bartenders, bouncers, all of them were frat brothers to these guys so we got hooked up - this place was where P Diddy threw his birthday in miami [21:47] elbagrl: mhm [21:47] RBKennethHuynh: We decide to hit South Beach for some late night sobering up pizza at a joint called "Pizza Rustica", a famous place down the street from that hotel in Scarface where tony Montana's buddy gets hacked to death by a chainsaw wielding columbian [21:48] RBKennethHuynh: We are all SOO far gone, it was amazing Luis could pull up to the joint. We order the pizzas and sit outside next to our car Reggaeton blaring...there's also outdoor seating where there's this blonde that looks like marilyn monroe sitting down. Gabe and I start chatting with her [21:48] RBKennethHuynh: All of a sudden a group of Latin homeboys come stumbling over to where we are sitting [21:49] RBKennethHuynh: Three are noticeably covered in blood from head to toe, one is hyperventilating and holding his lower left side...he stumbles on the chair and I see his stomach is gushing blood and he's turning green [21:50] RBKennethHuynh: As this is going on, mind you, Marilyn Monroe hands us a business card...I walk over to see whatsup with homeboy....but gabe takes a look at says "Adult Entertainment"....she had been winking the entire time noticeably and was talking about "some good hotels nearby" [21:50] RBKennethHuynh: Gabe and I call 911 and I talk to the homeboys [21:50] RBKennethHuynh: turns out they were at a hip hop club and this guy was stabbed by some thug who was pretending to be his friend. [21:51] RBKennethHuynh: So here we are calling 911, as this guy bleeds to death, getting a business card from a street hooker on South Beach. [21:51] RBKennethHuynh: We finish up our pizza, hop in Luis's BMW and take off....calling it a night [21:51] elbagrl: okie so you didn't actually see the stabbing [21:52] elbagrl: just the bloodied aftermath [21:52] elbagrl: still pretty gross man. [21:52] elbagrl: yuck. [21:52] RBKennethHuynh: yeah, but we didn't really realize what was happening until we drove back and thought about it [21:53] RBKennethHuynh: when we did, in our drunken haze, we laughed for a very long time...which was shocking now that i think about...i blame the free bottle of vodka 
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