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  Finally an SaaS SAP attacking app Intacct raises $7 million; promises guerrilla campaign against SAP/Oracle Intacct is a company trying to undercut the big boys, SAP and Oracle, by selling cheaper Web-based financial applications. The San Jose-based company will announce tomorrow that it has raised $7 million in a second round of venture capital, led by Emergence Capital and including existing investors Hummer Winblad and JK&B Capital. Bob Jurkowski, chief executive, told us the company had a record quarter, and is working closely with to acquire new customers. It lets handle a customer's sales management applications, but Intacct wants to manage the "backend" needs of its customers, including things such as project management, and supply-chain management. Jurkowski said he is launching some guerrilla marketing tactics, similar to those of smaller competitor Netsuite, which tried to fluster SAP last week by setting up a conference across the street from SAP's own SAPPHIRE customer conference (Netsuite failed to pull it off). For his part, Jurkowski didn't reveal any details. Posted by Matt Marshall on May 21, 2006 08:22 PM | 0 Linking Posts 
Very insightful and well written article. I was starting to think it was just me who noticed the modern poverty of artistic freedom these days. Both true now in 2012 and when KazaA was up-to-date, I still think the next great wave of music is simply being oppressed by the major labels. At the same time the price for concert tickets is still badly inflated by the other bottom-feeders of the industry -the ticketers.
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