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  Space Ninja Sneaks in Japan Anyone who remembers my post about making nunchuks when I was a kid knows this made me squeal with joy.... ------------------ Space Ninja Sneaks READ MORE: Asics, Gadgets, Ninja, Sneakers, Space, TOP, Tabi - GizmodoWhen I was a kid, my Grandma made me a full ninja uniform complete with tabi boots. While I surely did look cool then, I can only imagine how I’d look now wearing these ninja-tastic sneaks from Asics. These are actually made for astronauts. Yeah, you read correctly. Because standard sports shoes hurt in space—something about muscles and circulation—Asics designed a special pair that reduces strain. They’re not available to us non-space ninjas, however. Japan Space Sneakers Are Ultra-High Heels [SpaceDaily via TheCoolHunter] 
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